It all began with a family house and our own vacation moments & experiences.
Blessed to have a beautiful family property in a magical area like Karpenissi and our trips there was the beginning. The absolute relaxation in each of our stays and the acquaintance with the unique area of Karpenisi, gave us the certainty that in the future it could be an accommodation for unique escapes.
Gradually the dream of creating a place that can accomodate your dream for quality vacations in Greece started coming to life.
We knew from our own experience that the area of Karpenisi can provide a beautiful and relaxing stay all year long. Now the challenge was to renovate our property and turn it into a cozy and modern place that can provide all the amenities that our guest needs for a luxury escape.
In the year 2023 our dream became a reality.
Our love for Karpenissi and the surrounding villages of Evrytania, as well as the love for quality hospitality, was transformed into Memories Apartments. The beautiful family house was transformed into a modern and fully equipped accommodation, which already gives visitors unique moments. The natural environment of Karpenisi changes according to the season and always gives unique new experiences. The amenities and the warm and comfortable environment of the accommodation offer you the right base for rest, relaxation and preparation of your excursions.